By combining your major area of study with the core curriculum you will learn to Integrate faith and learning. 有建设性和创造性地思考. To seek 神’s design in all things and welcome one another wholeheartedly. Together we discover the compelling significance of 神’s calling.



The core curriculum helps you discover the b读th and complexity of creation and seeks to help you integrate faith and life.


The diverse nature of the core equips you with the 技能 needed for today’s ever-changing work environment.


新濠天地app的核心不是一些随机的课程. The core is purposeful and bold and will help you think constructively and creatively in all your learning.


  • 与旧约相遇 ——比尔·阿诺德
  • 与新约相遇 ——沃尔特·埃尔韦尔 & 罗伯特Yarbrough
  • 创建恢复 ——阿尔伯特·沃尔特斯
  • 以三位一体为乐 ——迈克尔·里夫斯
  • 寻找安拉,找到耶稣 ——纳比尔·库雷希
  • 隐藏的世界观 ——史蒂夫·威尔肯斯 & 马克·桑福德
  • 螺丝带信 ——路易斯
  • 一起独处雪莉酒 - - - - - -特克
  • 修辞 & 诗学 ——亚里士多德
  • 他们说,我说 ——格拉夫
  • 银色椅子 ——路易斯
  • 最后一战 ——路易斯
  • 《伊凡·杰尼索维奇的一天 ——索尔仁尼琴
  • 伊凡里奇之死 ——列夫·托尔斯泰
  • 好男人难寻 ——弗兰纳里·奥康纳
  • 地狱 ——但丁
  • 《奥德赛》 ——荷马
  • 无事生非 - - - - - -莎士比亚
  • 《新濠天地app》 ——玛丽·雪莱
  • 向日葵 ——西蒙·维森塔尔
  • 记住 ——温德尔·贝里
  • 批判性思维简明指南 - - - - - -沃恩
  • 上帝之城圣. ——奥古斯汀
  • 《新濠天地app》,卷. 1 & 2 ——迈克尔·柯蒂斯
  • 善良的心灵 ——菲利普·道
  • 我现在在这里,我到底该做些什么?) ——昆汀·舒尔茨


三位一体的神在受造的世界中显现自己. The Bible Core at 新濠天地app大学 seeks to give students confidence in the Bible as 神’s written, 绝对正确的, 默示和权威的特殊启示, 并最终相信耶稣基督是救主和主. 3门课程

人类人类 courses explore the purpose of human life which is to glorify and enjoy 神 as humans in Coram Deo. This requires a knowledge of self in light of one’s knowledge of 神 building upon the Christian intellectual tradition. 2课程

学习者社区Students will gain an understanding of who they are within an institution of higher learning oriented by the Christian faith and structured around the liberal arts ideal. 1课程

宇宙宇宙 courses explore the nature of the physical and biological universe–from galaxies to oceans to human beings. 作为上帝的创造, the universe serves to reveal 神’s glory and attributes and is meant to be understood, 欣赏, 并由人类管理. 3门课程

社会By nature, humans, made in the image of the Triune 神, are social beings. 社会课程探讨人类社会的目的和轮廓, 使学生能够理解和评价它的各种形式. 2 - 3个课程

原因 & 修辞修辞 and 原因 courses prepare students for prudent and 深思熟虑的 engagement of culture and require facility with languages, 书面及口头. 作为按上帝形象创造的个体, 学生必须学会倾听, 说话, 读, 用智慧写作和推理, 护理, 和完整性. 2课程

文化交流Cultural engagement courses build on the other core areas to prepare students to engage in prudent 护理 and responsible participation in culture and civic life. 这是照著基督的爱和智慧的长进, 学生发展出一种, 深思熟虑的, 有爱心的, 对文化的理解和方法. 3门课程

The 新濠天地app大学 core provides the framework to promote growth in the student’s knowledge, 技能, 对圣经的理解和态度.


Every student takes between 43-49 credits in Geneva’s core curriculum this is paired with 48-72 credits in your major area of study and can be combined with additional majors, 未成年人, 或者选修课程.



Articulate the essential Biblical truths of the Christian faith and discover your calling to participate biblically in relationships, 职业, 家庭, 和教堂


了解自然, 的优势, 弱点, and uses of worldviews and apply worldview analyses critically and 深思熟虑的ly to every area of life


学会清晰地沟通, 负责任的, 在书面和口头上都保持诚信, 然后评估书面的, oral and artistic communications of others based on the same criteria

文科 & 批判性思维

Demonstrate value in developing the lifelong learning 技能 necessary to critically respond to world-shaping intellectual and artistic works, and complement those 技能 with lifelong habits that nurture physical, 心理和情感健康


Develop discernment of both historic and current causes and effects of contemporary cultural issues and participate in civic life with cross-cultural awareness as shaped by the Biblical principles of humility and justice


Discover the synergy between Geneva’s 核心课程 and your Major Area of Study

  • 探索思想是如何相互联系的 – you are not one-dimensional – your education shouldn’t be either.
  • 统一 of the core curriculum helps you understand the discord and conflict in society
  • 作为 多样化的学习者社区 studying everything from engineering to communication you are challenged to constructively engage the world’s promise and seek 神’s design in all things.


核心课程确保了全面的教育 将其人化的, practical, and purposeful.

By combining the major area of study with the core curriculum students learn to Integrate faith and learning and to think constructively and creatively. The curriculum helps students see 神’s design in all things and encourages wholehearted community. Together Geneva students discover the compelling significance of 神’s calling for their lives within their fields of study.


  • bib112:圣经导论I (3)
  • BIB 113:圣经导论II (3)


  • BIB 300:基督教思想基础(3) (must be taken at Geneva; see catalog for exception)
  • PHI 310:基督教对生命的理解(3)


  • HUM 103:人文学科的邀请(3) (必须在新濠天地app举行)
  • HUM 203:制作西部(3)


  • SSC 101:学习与过渡(1)
  • Or
  • EGR 100:工程:召唤和职业(1)
  • Or
  • HON 101:大学新生荣誉课程(1)
  • NUR 100:护理预备课程(1)


  • PED 103:身体健康(1)
    • Note that the PED 103-V sections are for varsity student-athletes only. 以采取PED 103-V, the student-athlete must have entered 新濠天地app大学 in the fall of 2016 or later and be in their second season of varsity sport participation. Student-athletes should take PED 103-V in the semester in which their sport is in season.


  • SCS 110:自然科学导论(4)
  • 至少3个学分从宇宙选项
  • Or
  • 两个不同领域的3门实验课程
    ( 生物/化学/环境科学/物理)



  • A组 课程, C组 课程(3) (来自两个不同的学科)


  • A组 课程二 B组 课程(3) (来自两个不同的学科)


  • 工程专业: ECO 270 Principles of Microeconomics (A组) and plus one course from either B组  or C组


  • 化学工程专业:  ECO 270(不需要修读B组或C组课程)


原因 & 修辞学(6学分)

  • eng101:英语写作(3)

    Must be taken unless proficiency is met as defined by a minimum SAT score of 640 on the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing Section or a minimum score of 29 on the ACT English Test. 只有C-或更高的成绩才能满足这一要求.

Plus one of the following courses (if a student’s SAT/ACT scores exempts them from taking ENG 101, 然后必须完成以下两门课程):

  • COM 101:通讯原理(3)
  • PHI 100:批判性思维(3)


  • POL 352:政治中的重大问题(3) (必须在新濠天地app举行)
  • 视野:现代性、后现代性; & 虚拟文化(3)
  • 专业经验(1-3学分)
    (实习, 高级纸, senior project or senior seminar course as determined by the department for each 程序.)


进一步了解新濠天地app的 核心课程 程序

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